...To know the heart of God and respond



INDIA: Peter and Manju are dedicated church planters; together they preach the gospel, train and educate leaders to plant more churches. Peter and Manju are in a rural part of India and are currently building a community Centre that will be their ‘Hub’ where they worship and where they can serve their community out of.
CAMBODIA: Andrew and Maija are in Phnom Penh (the capital of Cambodia) and are in a university based area, so predominantly Young Adults, but not exclusive. They are currently doing language exchange so that they can learn the language and people can learn English so they can communicate. They meet together in connect groups and talk about and discover God because a lot of the people over there don’t have a context for Him. Andrew and Maija’s future goal is to plant a church and have a centre of worship there.
THAILAND: As a church we have been supporting Erik and Mariaarna for over 30 years. Together they have ministered all over Thailand and are now currently in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. They plant churches, train and raise up new leaders and do a massive amount of work with children. The River Asia runs from the North through the middle and then down South, which has allowed them to share the gospel, train hundreds of leaders and make a huge impact in Thailand.
UGANDA: Adams and Elitia had a vision to help the most vulnerable children in Uganda, which is the orphan capital of the world with eight million orphans. There, they’ve built a refuge centre, where the children can have access to education, health care, a sense of family and church life. ‘Another life international’ gives children who would feel like they have nothing, a sense a accomplishment and a flourishing, wholistic life.